Rebel radio live (not actually live but alive and kicking, screaming actually after this damn keyboard’s tweaky deleting tendencies) from Los Anchorage which this evening is a paradise, blurring the lines between sea and sky, music and memory. So we tap a vein and let it run…Coming up music from Jonny Greenwood’s score to the Murakami novel+film Norwegian Wood, nostalgic wall of sound blurry dreamland from Grizzly Bear’s best album of 2009 Veckatamist, oil industry blues from Neil Young and more.  Dig.

3 magpies, cruising the coastal trail on the anchorage waterfront, blazing sunset rippled across mudflats too quick for exploration, scrambling, shot rock, rail road tracks, rumble, iron, grease, one foot in front of the other, bikes of all sorts, a kingfisher, even ditch water caries glacial  memory, silt, sunlight, quartz.  kids rolling down grassy embankments, laughter of dog owners as their dogs fake mate, is yours a sled mutt or a mutt mutt?  the only two varieties in these parts, of course you know the best part of anchorage right, an old saying, annoying to most Alaskans, wild country still, quality of life, despite the only presence in the state of gangs and true cultural diversity and hipsters and anything nearing urban and all the positive energies and scene and opportunity that entails, it is only half an hour from Alaska. But this is n! Oil and politics and money and depravity and drunken bliss manifest as a squinting into the sunset (that remarkably is in the south even in September, in Juneau the light demise has moved to the northwestern mountains at this point) walk along a strip of paved coastal silt salvaged in the name of tony Knowles or some other politician, perhaps a democratic minority that attempted to rule the majority from the ironic, idealistic remote stronghold of Juneau, icefield, fjord hideout capital of the largest state in the union. We love this place, we hope for the future of this place, we hide in the place and we guide this place or are least are guided by the people here and their stories of endurance, of innovation in a place where innovation for hundreds of yeas involved new ways to extract treasure from the earth.

jonny greenwood, mou sokoshi jibun no koto, norwegian wood soundtrack
“”, mary  mary so contrary, “”
grizzly bear, ready, able, veckatamist
“”, about face, “”
donovan, wear your love like heaven, hits
neil young, vampire blues, on the beach

amos lee, truth, last days at the lodge
wood brothers, stumbled in, smoke ring halo,
harry manx, true to yourself, bread and buddha
nick cave and neko case, she’s not there, trueblood soundtrack
donovan, season of the witch, hits

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Bad as Me: Hanging with Tom Waits

Well virtually hanging anyway in the front seat of a very rusty old car with a great set of speakers.  New Waits album, Bad as Me scheduled to drop on October 25th but it’s been leaked and Tom’s not too happy about it.  A spoiled birthday surprise so to speak.  I can understand wanting to hear the leaked album (especially  if you’re as hungry as me for everything this man touches  ie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus) but I’ll wait until the official release and buy a legit copy.  Tom is one of the few artists, maybe a handful that I have bought every album they’ve put out and not yet been disappointed.   So enjoy these snippets from the new album, climb inside that rusty listening booth and dig this

And if you missed this one from the Glitter and Doom tour announcement, check it out.


Got that itch to stretch out a bit and use the audacity soundslinger to churn out some rebel radio.


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charles mingus/solo dancer/black saint and sinner lady
bettye laVette/sleep to dream/I’ve got my own hell to raise
remember/alberta adams/chess blues box set
dbt/go-go boots/go-go boots
howling wolf/forty-four/chess blues

justin townes earle/lone pine hill/the good life
dave rawlings machine/method acting>cortez the killer*/daytrotter session
*fet nate walcott on trumpet
felice brothers/hey hey revolver/tonight at the arizona
neil young/albuquerque/tonight’s the night
dbt/sante fe/big to do
twilight hotel/what do i know about love/when wolves go blind
twilight hotel/darkness/””

steve earle/satellite radio/washington square seranade
twilight hotel/ham radio blues/when wolves go blind
neil young/common’ baby let’s go downtown/tonight’s the night
dbt/get downtown/big to do
steve earle/way down in the hole/washington square seranade

over and out

Jazz Beat

KRNN-FM Juneau (
jonas back in the driver seat, but it’s digital now, wierd.

[7pm] mark ribot/witches and devils
mark ribot/happiness is a warm gun
john scofield/hit the road jack
john scofield/sticks and stones
“”/i don’t need no doctor
hugh masekela/unhlanhia
rahsaan roland kirk/sweet georgia brown
“”/i’ll be seeing you
dr. john/perdido mmw/zaebos2
joe turner meets the trumpet kings/morning, noon and night
“”/i know you love me baby
reuben wilson/hold on i’m comin’
dirty dozen brass band/john the revelator
madlib/slim’s return
“”/distant land
mmw/note bleu
bill evans trio/nardis
bill frisell band/unsung heroes hugh masekela/masquenada over and out…..

The Black Keys Blues

Photo courtesy Fred from Simi Valley, CA (

The bluest of blues, quick snapping, hard hitting, handclaps and the ever present grind of Auerbach’s guitar put Brothers, the latest from the Akron duo, The Black Keys leaps and bounds beyond the explorations of Attack and Release (2008, produced by Danger Mouse).   Touched up with sweet Fender Rhodes work and the careful production of Auerbach and band mate Carney, Brothers rips, bashes and soars through the full spectrum of The Black Keys signature dirty-blues repertoire.

I was sold on these guys when I heard their dissonant cover of Dylan’s Wicked Messenger on the soundtrack to I’m Not There and since then have grabbed every album they’ve put out.  Though despite the hype of Attack and Release, I felt like it couldn’t quite fill the cavernous shoes of its reviews.  Brothers however sunk its sharp hooks into me early and often capturing the essence of the blues and soul revivalist trend in a way that only Sharon Jones and the talented DapTones crew has yet to do.  Check out the full album at NPR-First Listen and grab the sweet cover of Jerry Butler’s Never Gonna give you Up below. I’m already fired up to see these guys when they roll through Portland in October.

Here’s a couple of flavor samples…

The Black Keys -Tighten Up

The Black Keys-Never gonna give you up


This is a long time coming.  I have really been listening to music in an entirely different way since leaving radio.  What I mean is, before when hosting CrossCurrents on KRNN, I felt like I was constantly scanning for new music, trying to piece together songs that rang true with rich sounds, dark ambiance and clever songwriting.  Now without an outlet, I find myself listening to a lot of the same music again and again but in different situations and at varying levels.  Running, biking, cruising the city with the dogs, standing on the Broadway Bridge watching sea lions in the river, whispered Neko Case or blasting DBT, different moods, different moments, but without the effort to collect it all and produce something for others.  But without the show and the friends that I regularly jived with about new music, things feel different.  So I thought I would give this a shot.  So here’s the first of possibly more Bloodcasts.  Turtle Blood Radio.  Dig.


Download (mp3, 86.2MB, 47:07)

Playlist (artist, song, album)

devendra banhart, rosa, smokey rolls down the canyon
dr. john, i don’t wanna know, trueblood soundtrack
cobra verde, playin’ with fire, “”
dbt, sounds better in a song, decoration day
dbt, outfit, “”
del mccoury band, mill towns, it’s just the night
dbt, late for church, gangstabilly

breathe owl breathe, cold ships, ghost glacier
“”, boat, “”
andrew bird, tenuousness, noble beast
“”, measuring cups, mysterious production of eggs
dbt, angels and fuselage, southern rock opera

800 Seeds redux

Wrote this poem years ago, but really liked how it came out live, with musical accompaniment.  Features Bridget Cross on Guitar and George Kuhar on Keys and Samples.  Second one came out of a poem I wrote in several segments, experimenting with narrative perspective while sitting in a very quiet room in a noisy, fragrant city.

Once a bud
a flower
framed by fourteen
delicate furry leaves
turning away from the fruit
a lover’s cold shoulder

now a heart-shaped jewel
pockmarked with so many
seeds like freckles
pale green on the side grown in shade
darker, nearing brown on
the side kissed by sun

a sun loved creature
solid and hard on the outside
held in the palm of your hand

look beyond the surface
in the concealed places
between fruit and foliage
find un-pollinated stamen
wonder, could this berry
have been even bigger?

press your nose
to its goose bumped flesh
realize how the barely visible
blackheads on the side of your
nose are not unlike
the seeds of this berry

now break
it open
give into the desire
which filled
you the moment
you caught
first scent of the opened
somewhere in the room

notice the juice
how it stains
your pale fingertips

like the juice
which is cool
and sticky
on your warm flesh

how hollow inside
how like the emptied
belly of a salmon

memory of
wild tangled strawberry greens
discovered on a sandy beach
near a town once called
strawberry point

how your toes caught
on the furry vines
and tripped you up
landing face down
in warm beach grass

how can a strawberry
even have a taste
having evoked so much more?

you are of the same
soil as this
broken open and
bleeding berry

tear with
your teeth
and taste
if you can
what is remembered

Portland Morning Poems>Word Temple