This is a long time coming.  I have really been listening to music in an entirely different way since leaving radio.  What I mean is, before when hosting CrossCurrents on KRNN, I felt like I was constantly scanning for new music, trying to piece together songs that rang true with rich sounds, dark ambiance and clever songwriting.  Now without an outlet, I find myself listening to a lot of the same music again and again but in different situations and at varying levels.  Running, biking, cruising the city with the dogs, standing on the Broadway Bridge watching sea lions in the river, whispered Neko Case or blasting DBT, different moods, different moments, but without the effort to collect it all and produce something for others.  But without the show and the friends that I regularly jived with about new music, things feel different.  So I thought I would give this a shot.  So here’s the first of possibly more Bloodcasts.  Turtle Blood Radio.  Dig.


Download (mp3, 86.2MB, 47:07)

Playlist (artist, song, album)

devendra banhart, rosa, smokey rolls down the canyon
dr. john, i don’t wanna know, trueblood soundtrack
cobra verde, playin’ with fire, “”
dbt, sounds better in a song, decoration day
dbt, outfit, “”
del mccoury band, mill towns, it’s just the night
dbt, late for church, gangstabilly

breathe owl breathe, cold ships, ghost glacier
“”, boat, “”
andrew bird, tenuousness, noble beast
“”, measuring cups, mysterious production of eggs
dbt, angels and fuselage, southern rock opera


XC 3.19.08

Just a heads up, this may be my last CrossCurrents show for a while. Early mornings with child and radio is becoming a bit overwhelming. It’s been a great couple years with great listeners in a magical community of folks who give their souls to public radio. I’ll be on the radio sporadically as a sub and Finn will get his cameos in too. Over and out. -Jonas

artist, song, album

ben allison, mousetrap, medicine wheel
john hammond jr, clap hands, wicked grin
jim white, combing my hair in a brand new way, drill a hole in the substrate
“”, bound to forget, no such place
henry manx and kevin breit, steal 6, in good we trust
chris smither, seems so real, leave the light on
cat power, silver stallion, live emusic session EP
cat power, rambling man, live music session EP

calexico, crooked road and the briar, even my sure things fail
greg brown, betty ann, over and under
antsy pants and kimya dawson, tree hugger, juno soundtrack
moldy peaches, anyone else but you, “”
neutral milk hotel, in the aeroplane over the sea, in the aeroplane over the sea
“”, the fool, “”
beruit, guyamas sonora, flying cup club
nels cline singers, something about david h., the giant pin
of montreal, cato as pun, hissing fauna….
the raconteurs, you don’t understand me, consolers of the lonely

spoon, infinite pet, gimme fiction
the avett brothers, go to sleep, emotionalism
john hammond jr, murder in the red barn, wicked grin
“”, shore leave, “”
“”, get behind the mule, “”

over and out….

XC 3.5.09

artist, song, album

beck, soldier jane, the information
clap your hands and say yeah, gimme some salt, cyhasy
conor oberst, get-well-cards, conor oberst
jason isbell and the 400 unit, cigarettes and wine, jason isbell and the…
the felice brothers, love me tenderly, the felice brothers
seth bernard, may’s waltz, being this being

spokane, new close days, a small commotion
joshua davis, the midnight ghost, fool rooster
“”, holy land, “”
darlene, more, fox on a hill productions sampler
shout sister shout, carolina moon, stepin’ in it with rachael davis
steppin’ in it, tin can sullivan, hidden in the lowlands
mofro, ten thousand islands, lochloosa

tom waits, buzz fledderjohn, orphans
tom waits, road to peace, orphans
drive by truckers, cottonseed, live 2.21.09 washington dc
jj grey and mofro, turpentine, country ghetto
susan tedeschi, people, back to the river
harry manx and kevin breit, hang on, in good we trust
susan tedeschi, can’t sleep at night, back to the river
karate, original spies, some boots

panda bear, good girl carrots, person pitch
cat power, werewolf, you are free

XC 2.26.09

artist, song, album

sigur ros, flugufrelsarinn, ageatus byrjun
the shins, sea legs, wincing the night away
bright eyes, lover i don’t have to love, lifted or the story is beneath the soil
beirut, a sunday smile, flying cup club
radiohead, lucky, ok computer

jason isbell and the 400 unit, coda, jason isbell and the 400 unit
“”, cigarettes and wine, “”
the derek trucks band fet solomon burke, like anyone else, joyful noise
tom waits, ice cream man, closing time
“”, please call me baby, the heart of saturday night
“”, step right up, small change
bright eyes, bowl of oranges, lifted or…
bat for lashes, bat’s mouth, fur and gold

beausoleil, conja (new orleans 1786), cajun conja
galactic, welcome to new orleans, coolin’ off
“”, something’s wrong with this picture, “”
garage a trois, gat swamba, emphasizer
“”, house of hand wash, “”
ben allison, tiny c, medicine wheel
galactic, witch doctor, crazyhorse mongoose
the word, joyful sounds, the word

widespread panic and the dirty dozen brass band, bayou lena, night of joy

XC 2.12.09

Abe Lincoln’s birthday, but he didn’t sing or at least wasn’t prolific in recording, so instead we’ll set honest Abe aside and dedicate today, Jason Isbell day in anticipation of his new cd Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit which comes out on Tuesday. Also a bunch of newly discovered music this week thanks to the incredible influence of Nine Bullets.

artist, song, album

nick cave and the bad seeds, hold on to yourself, dig lazarus dig
here we go magic, ahab, here we go magic
nick cave…, jesus of the moon, dig lazarus dig
jason isbell, the devil is my running mate, sirens of the ditch
chris smither, origin of species, leave the light on
davina and the vagabonds, st. michael vs. the devil, live at the times

jason isbell, hurricanes and hand grenades, sirens of the ditch
“”, chicago promenade, “”
martha wainwright, in the middle of the night, i know you’re married but i’ve got feelings too
bruce springsteen, the wrestler, working on a dream
otis gibbs, caroline, grandpa walked a picketline
bon iver, beach baby, blood bank ep
jason isbell, dress blues, sirens of the ditch

jason isbell, the magician, “”
nick cave and the bad seeds, more news from nowhere, dig lazarus dig
ryan adams and the cardinals, fix it, cardinology
north twin, clear as day, strongest at the broken places

john paul kieth and the one four fives, pure cane sugar, spills and thrills
o’death, down to rest, head home
hank williams III, atlantic city
lenny and the piss poor boys, lonely days and whiskey nights, lenny and the piss poor boys
bright eyes, middleman, cassadaga

the gaslight anthem, here’s lookin’ at you kid, 59′ sound
“”, even cowgirls get the blues, “”

XC 1.22.09

artist, song, album

tom waits, johnsburg illinois, swordfishtrombones
“”, 13 shells from a 30-6, “”
elvis costello, my science fiction twin, brutal youth
benoit poulard, archoise, temper
“”, ahn, “”
stereofidelics, shadows in the shade, only sleeping
“”, black elephants, “”
sea wolf, you’re a worf, leaves in the river
julian schnabel, she’s dancing- he’s dreaming, every cloud has a silver lining
cowboy junkies, my little Basquiat, at the end of paths taken
sea and cake, middlenight, everybody

neil young, it’s a dream, prarie wind
caetano veloso, 13 de mayo, best of
supergrass, kiss of life, supergrass is 10
andrew bird, I, weather systems
gillian welch, lowlands, soul journey
“”, one little song, “”
over the rhine, i don’t want to waste your time, trumpet child

playlist incomplete, overload, overload….


XC 1.15.09

artist, song, album

tom waits, alice, alice
bill frissel, you can run, east west live
“”, heard it through the grapevine, “”
alvin youngblood hart, mama don’t allow, territory
bob dylan, ’till i fell in love with you, time out of mind
andrew bird, measuring cups, andrew bird and the mysterious production of eggs
bon iver, flume, for emma-forever

arcade fire, intervention, neon bible
bruce springsteen, streets of fire, darkness on the edge of town
camera obscura, come back margaret, let’s get out of this country
blind melon, soup, nico
aimee mann, red vines, bachelor number 2
camera obscura, i need all the friends i can get, let’s get out….

elvis costello, tart, when i was cruel
carla kihstedt, tough guy, 2 foot yard
bjork, unravel, homogenic
“”, possibly maybe, post
bat for lashes, what’s a girl to do, fur and gold
“”, bat’s mouth, “”
dr john, croker courtbullion, gris a gris
“”, jump sturdy, “”
feufollet, moi et ma belle, tout un beau soir
jeff buckley, lover you shouldn’t have come over, grace
tom waits, walk away, dead man walking soundtrack

ryan adams, battering lines, heartbreaker
rolling stones, i got the blues, sticky fingers
ryan adams, come pick me up, heartbreaker