Dear Poet Project

I organized a few National Poetry Month events on campus last month and was super excited about the Dear Poet Project.  We hosted an informal opportunity for students, staff and others on campus to come do some writing in response to a set of poems from poets on the Academy and prompts and ideas brought forward by Jennifer Vernon (UAS Faculty and Poet).  This piece came out of a poem letter exercise in response to Toi Derricotte’s poem, Cherry Blossoms.


Dear Toi,

I went down to the front, to the borderlands, to where breath and blossoms touch each other wrapping and re-wrapping, embracing and rejecting touch and warmth and moisture and fragrance and a dusting of dream or pollen or life and there I found, like you, so many people in various states of celebration, some more aware of the fleetingness of the bloom, of the moment between bud, bloom, bee and cherry.

Oh blossom
this breath of mine
returning your fragrance,
giving back to you
your breath

oh blossom
and my unbreathing
the warming of this micro climate
micro moment
where we come close
but don’t

but rather grow colder
unspring, unbloom
return again to bud
return to march
when we were both barer
both reaching
for what light could be had

even bare, Toi,
these cherry trees,
our outstretched arms
and hands
and fingers
and grasping
are a branched heaven

a blossom fluttering
earth spinning
dizzying cyclone
of seasons
of moments

Thank you for your poem and for the chance to be a bee in a blossom dreaming cherry dreams.

Jonas Lamb
April 11, 2013
4 inches fresh snow this morning

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