Jazz World | KRNN-Juneau

Saturday night sit-in at the station, amazing that I’ve somehow managed to stay away from sharing deep-bottomed jazz with the world so long, so selfish, so typical of people like me and this abstract, driven music, pulsing, this music. 7pm Desu (a slight return), Charlie Hunter, Charlie Hunter Hottentot, John Scofield + MMW, A Go Go […]

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Did I mention…

…that I started an MFA program in May of 2015?  I’m finding it quite amazing that I’ve not posted since October 2015 despite a very productive writing period.  Glad to be working through draft after draft with the talented and generous Zack Rogow.  He’s so generous he’s giving away his sage advice on his blog. So […]

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Giving it Their All

Absolutely had my world shaken seeing the Alabama Shakes live at Red Rocks recently! If you don’t know this band, get in the know, now. How many SNL live performances really do a band their due? This one does for sure.

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Empty but filling

Empty but filling. This old house, me and my old dog, done in by a good long walk in the cold. Stove emptied of last night’s ash and filled carefully with kindling. Cold empty house filling with old-world-warmth. Dog in his chair, me in mine, but what of this guilt filling me, this house, edging […]

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