2 starts

2 starts, both fall into the item cat <far from profound> </end speculation> order of operations i’m perpetually taking things apart that I put together prematurely always skipping what seem like poorly written instructions that turn out to be essential maybe i should look at this deck like a math problem maybe this life too […]

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Recent Reads

Once upon a time when not writing I at least would take some time to jot notes about the good words I was filling my brain with so let’s give that a shot again.  Once upon a time I also used to write list poems building on the riff, ‘while you were smoking’ and I’d […]

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Poems in Place event

Hey folks, I’m co-hosting a poetry event next Tuesday to help drum up interest during this year’s call for submissions. Checkout out the Poems in Place Project and I hope you’ll join Emily and I for a night of poetry. Poems in Place February 24, 2015 – 06:30 A Conversation Between Alaskan Landscapes and Poetry […]

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Tentatively Poking

isn’t every three year-old child at least part dinosaur? even the giant leaf eaters capable of a great roar down on the winter beach a break in the bleakness rain longing to be slush or more dripping from everything but the sky at the moment we are taking off our gloves beyond the slick rock […]

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Jimmy Riordan: Juneau Salon 12/12

I’m excited to announce another unique opportunity for the Juneau writing/arts community. A mutual friend Jeremy Pataky (who has a wonderful new poetry collection, Overwinter out on UA Press ) sent Jimmy Riordan my way and I’m so glad he did. If you: follow my blog, are in Juneau, and are interested in attending, leave […]

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