Giving it Their All

Absolutely had my world shaken seeing the Alabama Shakes live at Red Rocks recently! If you don’t know this band, get in the know, now. How many SNL live performances really do a band their due? This one does for sure.

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Empty but filling

Empty but filling. This old house, me and my old dog, done in by a good long walk in the cold. Stove emptied of last night’s ash and filled carefully with kindling. Cold empty house filling with old-world-warmth. Dog in his chair, me in mine, but what of this guilt filling me, this house, edging […]

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2 starts

2 starts, both fall into the item cat <far from profound> </end speculation> order of operations i’m perpetually taking things apart that I put together prematurely always skipping what seem like poorly written instructions that turn out to be essential maybe i should look at this deck like a math problem maybe this life too […]

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Recent Reads

Once upon a time when not writing I at least would take some time to jot notes about the good words I was filling my brain with so let’s give that a shot again.  Once upon a time I also used to write list poems building on the riff, ‘while you were smoking’ and I’d […]

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