Recent Reads

Once upon a time when not writing I at least would take some time to jot notes about the good words I was filling my brain with so let’s give that a shot again.  Once upon a time I also used to write list poems building on the riff, ‘while you were smoking’ and I’d […]

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Poems in Place event

Hey folks, I’m co-hosting a poetry event next Tuesday to help drum up interest during this year’s call for submissions. Checkout out the Poems in Place Project and I hope you’ll join Emily and I for a night of poetry. Poems in Place February 24, 2015 – 06:30 A Conversation Between Alaskan Landscapes and Poetry […]

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Tentatively Poking

isn’t every three year-old child at least part dinosaur? even the giant leaf eaters capable of a great roar down on the winter beach a break in the bleakness rain longing to be slush or more dripping from everything but the sky at the moment we are taking off our gloves beyond the slick rock […]

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Jimmy Riordan: Juneau Salon 12/12

I’m excited to announce another unique opportunity for the Juneau writing/arts community. A mutual friend Jeremy Pataky (who has a wonderful new poetry collection, Overwinter out on UA Press ) sent Jimmy Riordan my way and I’m so glad he did. If you: follow my blog, are in Juneau, and are interested in attending, leave […]

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Keep it simple

keep it simple, a song to sing along to or at least to hear to feel inside heart inside house or outside on trail, path don’t look too far beyond what’s on path in front of you above you around you falling from the sky hanging from the trees flitting on feathered wings from branch […]

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