Jimmy Riordan: Juneau Salon 12/12

I’m excited to announce another unique opportunity for the Juneau writing/arts community. A mutual friend Jeremy Pataky (who has a wonderful new poetry collection, Overwinter out on UA Press ) sent Jimmy Riordan my way and I’m so glad he did. If you: follow my blog, are in Juneau, and are interested in attending, leave […]

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Keep it simple

keep it simple, a song to sing along to or at least to hear to feel inside heart inside house or outside on trail, path don’t look too far beyond what’s on path in front of you above you around you falling from the sky hanging from the trees flitting on feathered wings from branch […]

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Found this found poem at twitter where i rarely roam as the shack_poet. Thanks Emily Wall for the prompt. knife found in muskeg, peat, rust browned blade fashions paper lantern into wings my departure under their power requires no jumper cables

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Bones and Boards

bones and boards marrow and heartwood lumberyard boneyard what would become of all this wood? could all this be put back together again? a great big puzzle, put it together again and bam, the pacific northwest is whole again no more holes in the forests unseen from highways but visible as sores from the skyways […]

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